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Taking care of the plumbing needs of San Francisco, Contra Costa & Alameda Counties for over 20 years

24 Hour Emergency Service

Contra Costa County 925-679-0100

Alameda County 510-658-0100

San Francisco 415-685-0488

Maintenance Programs

Preferred Plumbing Plan

  • 15% discount on all plumbing repairs and service
  • Upfront pricing
  • Annual Plumbing Inspection by one of our professional plumbers
  • Priority Scheduling– service scheduled for the same day
  • For a low price of $72 a year, that’s less than $6 a month. That is peace of mind, which is impossible to put a price on.

What our inspection covers:

Water Heater:

Check the burner assembly on your gas water heater, visually check the temperature & pressure relief valve for safe operation and is free of corrosion. Check the vent assembly for carbon monoxide leakage. If electric, check the thermostat settings and readjust. Ensure the water heater is operating at its peak efficiency as per the manufacturer specifications.


Check all of the faucets in the house for leak and corrosion. We will also check stems, cartridges and rubber seals for ease of operation on all of your faucets for proper water flow.


Inspect the toilet and tank for any leaks and proper flushing . We will check the water measuring device for proper adjustment along with the flapper for a proper water seal. The float ball, overflow tube and any linkage will be adjusted and set to the manufacturers specifications.


Fill all sink, lavatories, tubs, showers and laundry with water then release to check for proper drainage. We will flush each toilet to make sure it disposes of waste properly.

Water Pressure and Regulator:

Check the water pressure on the incoming water line and make any necessary adjustments to your regulator. High water pressure will damage your water heater, fixtures, and could cause a pipe to burst in your plumbing system.

Safety Check:

Your plumber will inspect your plumbing system and tighten any loose faucet handles, packing nuts or other minor repairs during the inspection process. Each emergency shut off under the sinks, toilets, water heater and main water shut off will be checked for leaks. Gas connectors will be checked visually as well as any exposed piping. You will also be shown where your emergency water shut off valve is located along with your emergency gas shut off.

Here's What Our Clients Say

He was right there when he said he'd be, again really pleasant to deal with. This is definitely my plumber.

- S. McQuillian - Walnut Creek, CA

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